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Policy requirements

The Concrete Europe calls for

  1. EU and Member States to recognise our sector as an enabler and solution-provider to tackle Europe's infrastructure and affordable housing deficit.
  2. Involvement of the concrete sector in the ongoing reflection linked to the sustainable development of cities, including the Smart Cities and Communities Initiative.
  3. Assessment of how to develop a regulatory framework to incentivise and redirect sufficient funds towards the sustainable construction of housing, transport and urban infrastructure.
  4. Recognition of the sector as essential in the European Commission's mid-term review of industrial policy, and ensuring equal and long-term access to resources and energy to allow the European industry to compete globally.
  5. Recognition at EU level that industrial policies and standards must look at the performance of the building or infrastructure project, and not favour one material over another.
  6. Further development and dissemination of Green Public Procurement Guidelines and criteria that include whole-life performance and durability.
  7. Sustainability standards and regulations that assess the performance of the whole building or infrastructure project, rather than its individual components, taking a "material neutral", "whole life" approach.
  8. Recognition of the concrete industry's contribution to a resource-efficient and circular economy.
  9. Targets for recycling of construction and demolition waste to be differentiated by material type or by environmental impact, not simply by mass.