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Our commitments

We firmly believe that industry must continue to be an active partner in promoting the unique role of concrete in sustainable construction solutions. We therefore propose the following commitments:

  1. Work with key stakeholders to develop a blueprint for filling the affordable housing gap in Europe.
  2. Work with policy-makers and relevant stakeholders to study the economics of sustainable construction.
  3. Engage with educational institutions to encourage skills development for the concrete industry and a deep knowledge of concrete's potential in sustainable construction.
  4. Provide industry input to European standards to further the goals of a low-carbon Europe and maximise the use of recycled products.
  5. Promote life-cycle analysis of buildings in accordance with European standards by providing the necessary Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
  6. Provide guidance to specifiers, architects and builders on maximising the advantages of the thermal mass of concrete, contributing to greater energy efficiency.
  7. Further develop best practices for rehabilitating quarries as protected biodiversity hotspots.